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To everyone who currently develops specific art projects such as, literary, audiovisual and cinematographic, performing, visual and plastic arts, urban art, architecture, fashion design and textile crafts, music, public speaking and extreme sports, to participate in the XII International Festival of Cultural Expressions of the New Generation “PROYECTO POSH 2019”, to be held between the 13th and 17th of 2019, in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico, aimed at the visibility and promotion of new talents, art drafts and culture of the new generation.

Those interested in this call will meet the following criteria:

I- All artists, producers, architects, artisans and creators over 18 years of age, of any nationality who request registration of their original proposals in any of the following categories may participate:

  • Visual and plastic arts, which include those expressions in any category of their techniques related to painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture and photography. free-style and the following specifications:

  • For painting, engraving and drawing: each project will consist of a maximum of 5 pieces, with a maximum size of 100 centimeters per side, with a maximum weight of 4 kilos per framed piece.

  • For sculpture, each project will consist of a maximum of 3 pieces, each with a maximum of 130 centimeters high, 80 centimeters wide and 80 cm thick, with a maximum weight of 20 kilos;

  • For photography, each project will consist of a maximum of 5 pieces, color and black and white collections may be submitted; no specific focus or size, with a maximum weight of 4 kilos per framed piece.

  • Urban art, in any of its categories, which will be displayed on a wall of public spaces designated by the Instituto Tuxtleco de Arte y Cultura, during the festival’s dates, related to “History, Myths and Legends of the Zoque Culture ". Each participant must carry out their own research and sketch design in accordance with the topic.

  • Audiovisual and cinematographic arts, which include those expressions in any of its categories referring to short, medium and full-lenght film in any of its manifestations of fiction, documentary and video art, in any technique and genre; as well as real-time visual expressions (VJ´s) and video mapping projects. Each artist may apply for up to 3 projects.

  • Performing arts, which include those expressions referring to theater, street theater, dance, juggling, monologue, stand up and ritual performance. Each project must have a minimum duration of 20 minutes and a maximum duration of 90 minutes. Each project may have the number of artists it deems necessary, in case of including live music, it is not necessary to register the project under the category of musical arts.

  • Literary arts, which include those expressions in any category of their techniques referring to: poetry, narrative and essay. Publishers and cultural magazines may also participate for presentation and exhibition. If it is a project in a foreign language, it must be registered along a Spanish translation.

  • Fashion design and textile crafts, must display original designs using textiles from popular cultures from anywhere in the world, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 pieces per project. 

  • Applied Architecture Contest, presenting a comprehensive architectural project following guidelines to be published on www.proyectoposh.com in the near future.

  • Extreme sport, in the category of Roller, Skate and Bmx. Participants do not require prior registration as this will be carried out personally on the first day of the festival.

  • Public speaking contest, following guidelines to be published on www.proyectoposh.com in the near future.

  • Electronic music, which includes all original productions of electronic music following guidelines to be published on www.proyectoposh.com in the near future.

  • Music in various genres, which include all original ideas created and performed by groups or solo, following guidelines to be published on www.proyectoposh.com in the near future.

II. The Production Team of the XII International Festival of Cultural Expressions of the New Generation “Proyecto Posh”, in collaboration with the artistic projects selection board, will choose 240 projects, comprised of up to 50 original plastic and visual arts projects, up to 25 original urban art projects, up to 30 audiovisual arts and cinematography projects; up to 20 performing arts projects; up to 20 literature projects; up to 15 and fashion design and textile crafts projects; up to 40 architecture projects, up to 10 electronic music projects; up to 10 music projects in various genres and up to 20 participants in the speech contest. In case of extreme sport tournaments, participants will be integrated into tournaments depending on quota. All projects will have an exhibition or presentation space in one of the stages and venues during the festival's dates.

For those artistic disciplines referred to in section II. in subsections g), i), j) and k), a call will be issued separately and will be subject to different dates of opening and closing registration. Non-issuance of any of them will subtract the number of projects admitted in the previous paragraph.

III. Visual and plastic arts: photograph of the work in Jpg format. (each file must be titled with both work’s name and the artist’s), link to the artist (social media where applicable), technical sheet. In all cases, you must specify space and assembly needs.

  • Urban art: 3 current photographs of previous creations, in Jpg format, sketch or justification of the proposal, technical sheet and work’s commentary. Link to the artist (social media where applicable).

  • Audiovisual arts and cinematography: Synopsis or description of the work, duration, sample (Advance, photograms, Youtube link, mpeg video format, avi or mov), link to the artist (social media).

  • Performing Arts: Description of stage presentation, specifying its classification for the type of audience to which it is intended (indicate precisely if your work has violent, sexual content or that could be offensive to some type of audience); Description must also specify duration, number of people involved in the project, scene photographs (jpg.) and a video presentation, link to the artist (social media where applicable).

  • Literary Arts: Example of narrative text and essay text, no longer than 2 pages, in the particular case of poets, they must send a file including 5 poems; in all cases using Word or PDF format, as well as the artist's curriculum.

  • Fashion design and textile crafts: Description of the project, sketches of the designs in jpg format. And a technical sheet displaying clothing elements.

IV. Each project must be identified with an online registry that will include the following information:

1. Name of the artist or artists presenting the project.

2. Age

3. Place of origin.

4. Name of the institution of higher education, company, organization or social group to which they belong to, if applicable.

5. Name of the project.

6. Address.

7. Contact phone number.

8. Email.

9. Specify type of materials, equipment and space required for the exhibition or presentation.

10. Each application must be accompanied by a letter agreeing to terms and conditions of this call, signed by the artist, participant or representative of the artistic group. This letter must be presented and scanned in PDF format. Original documentation must be given on the day of arrival at the festival.

V. Registration period of all artistic projects referred to in the previous base will begin with the announcement of this call along the authorization of online forms on August the 13th, 2019 and will be terminated on October the 13th, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. Immediately upon reception of registration, projects will be selected according to their uniqueness, quality, and feasibility of assembly in each discipline. The electronic registration system will not accept the submission of projects after the date indicated, nor those that are carried out by means other than the online form.

For music, architecture and public speaking categories, respective calls published on www.proyectoposh.com will mark their own closing dates and registration procedures.

VI. Results of the project selection process will be notified by email to the participants, as well as by the means of contact provided and simultaneously on: www.proyectoposh.com, as well as in social media pages of Festival Proyecto Posh on Twitter: @ProyectoPosh, as well as on Facebook’s Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/ProyectoPosh, this festival’s billboard, can be announced on Friday, October 18th. E-mail will be the point of contact to provide specific details of interest to each selected participant, as well as the communication channel with the artistic coordinator of the corresponding area. In the event that the participant does not respond to the notification within a maximum period of 3 calendar days from notification delivery, the space offered will be yielded to another project that is on the waiting list.

VII. All selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit or present their artistic project to the audience and other artists. The projects and / or their authors may be the object and subject of distribution, analysis, criticism and comment by the various media outlets that honor us with their presence, as well as by experts from each discipline; the application for registration by itself, will imply the artist's consent for such purposes and in the same way, the authorization for the convening Institutions to use, disseminate, present or exhibit, the works or projects, without profit and for the development of their social purpose. Each participant is recommended to have their work registered with copyright protection institutions. The application to register to this festival implies consent for the publication of the non-profit material.

VIII. Each participant will cover their transportation expenses, for themselves and for their work, instruments or utensils; those of hosting and food, as well as those inherent to the presentation or exhibition of the work or project in the Festival. It is possible to visit the mentioned link that has a description of the hosting offer available in the City of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. 

IX. The convening institutions will provide selected artists with the necessary equipment for their presentation (audio, video, sound, lighting, assembly, etc.) or exhibition equipment (screens, shelves, lighting, custody, etc.), so it will be essential to request what will be needed from the registration process, type of equipment required for exhibition/ presentation¡ must be specified; failure to do so will lead to the selected artists to adjust to the availability of the convening institutions. 

X. Each artist is responsible for the assembly and disassembly of their artistic work and materials, the organization will not be responsible for the material and works forgotten at the end of the disassembly of the festival. 

XI. On awards and other prizes: All participants will receive a diploma of participation; only for the categories of extreme sport, applied architecture and public speaking, corresponding awards will be given. In case of those being incentives, recognitions or special prizes for each of the disciplines, they will be announced during the festival. 


Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. August 13, 2019

More information: www.proyectoposh.com and proyectoposh@gmail.com